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Project Details

Zelus nightclub in the vibrant area of Kolonaki, Athens, is designed to speak to the needs of the cultural reveller. Marrying decadence and craft, the environment immerses guests in an evening of sophisticated escapism, fuelled by inspirational and energising surroundings.

The entrance of Zelus is a stripped back atrium decorated with cotto tiles and latticed stone walls, the minimalist arrangement serving as a sensory palette cleanser before entering the nightclub’s beating heart. Visitors are guided from the entrance into the bar by bespoke fluorescent light design, a feature that recurs throughout the interior. 

The club includes a communal area, private tables and a main stage, with a circular floating bar anchoring all facets of the space. Distinguishing features of the bar include its illuminated glass, designed to colourfully transition throughout an evening, and the dark marble surface which introduces an enigmatic character to the environment. The interplay of original light design, glass and marble repeat across the interior of Zelus, the composite elements generating a rich and energetic atmosphere.

A glass corridor connects the central bar area to the bathrooms, and houses work by local artists on revolving display. In the bathrooms, freestanding sinks float next to onyx tiles, mirroring the futuristic effect of the main room. Similarly eclectic design on the bathroom ceiling echoes the light projections that take place on the dancefloor.

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