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Set in the heart of the aspirational area of Kolonaki in Athens, this luxury Italian restaurant offers a refined dining experience in warm and open surroundings. Burnt oranges, warm marines and immaculately restored wooden floors feature in this complimentary venue to the popular Zelus nightclub, housed in the basement below. 

The 445 square metre restaurant retains a variety of original and refurbished elements, from the minimalist concrete ceiling to the service stations, grounding this contemporary dining experience in a rich design history. Tables are generously spaced, with floral wallpaper and velvet curtains creating a comforting backdrop for diners. Throughout the venue, large windows and mirrors emphasise natural light, while bespoke lighting design generates an intimate atmosphere. 

A main dining area is evenly weighted across an interior and exterior setting. The spatial delineation is underscored by a transition from wooden floors to terracotta tiling in the outside part of the restaurant, where a retractable roof accommodates shifting weather patterns. The inside and outdoor areas are fused together by a large marble bar. Occupying the centre of the room, the bar serves as a centering point for guests and service alike. Thick set marble planes in shades of sea white and onyx black form a heavy ledge around the bar where people can also gather to drink and dine.

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