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Project Details

This new development of 45 apartments in Hellinikon is part of a regeneration of the Athenian Riviera. Situated just a few metres from the sea, each apartment offers sweeping views directly onto the Aegean. With a focus on promoting wellbeing and serenity, natural light is optimised throughout the interiors, while green design is embedded across the surrounding area.  

A harmonious interplay between the hard and soft material also emphasises wellbeing, with stone and wood cladded exteriors juxtaposed with water elements. Apartments on the ground floor and third floors feature private swimming pools, while apartments on the second floors are equipped with statement water features. On the ground level apartments, expansive, double-height glass windows flood interiors with light. 

Designed to promote privacy and calm, the materials of the apartment facade are sound absorbent. Each apartment is also sheltered within a protruding exterior shell that surrounds the building to offer additional isolation. Similarly, cantilevered swimming pools are protected by high wooden partitions. These features combine to articulate an optimum standard for contemporary living, where communal residences support the individual experience within an abundant natural environment.

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