3 Summer Villas


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Project Details

Located in the village of Vourkari on the island of Kea, these two private guest villas and wellness centre draw inspiration from the rugged island landscape. Set overlooking the sea, these buildings were designed to blend into the surrounding area with minimal impact.

Though divergent in functions, each building is created with the same design principles, where natural light is optimised through open interiors yet a focus remains throughout on ensuring a sense of privacy and retreat for guests. Rendered on inclined land, the houses are connected both by a circular road that allows for easy travel around the three buildings, and also through a series of semi-underground stone tunnels that enable guests to move seamlessly between the buildings. For each building, these tunnel doors open onto striking views of the Aegean. There is also a small amphitheatre for cinema screenings during the summer months.

Throughout the exterior and interior, there is an emphasis on nature. Each building is created from local stone, and the building facades blend into the wider environment.  Cycladic plants have been planted across each of the roofs to further emphasise this holistic approach, while olive trees and wildflowers surround the perimeter. Inside, each bedroom has a view of the sea, while gardens are set at the back of the buildings where they can be protected from the wind.

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