Kornos Sports Centre


  • Competition
  • Design
  • Public Space

Project Details

This elegant sports centre features fully serviced sports facilities, and includes offices and guest residences for visitors. Set on sweeping and verdant grounds, the site – which covers 144000 sqm –  features three standard size soccer fields, four 5×5 sites. Changing rooms, showers and medical treatment centres are also all located in the vicinity of the main building. 

The central pavilion is created from a combination of steel and concrete, overlaid with steel honeycomb panels. Angular in composition, evenly proportioned louver elements provide a complex shading system for spectators. The main viewing area is enclosed by greenery, establishing a tranquil environment to observe the surrounding activity. A tree-lined plaza also foregrounds the entrance.

The grounds are designed with clear footpaths and passageways, enabling easy navigation around the centre. With an emphasis on creating a light and energetic atmosphere in each part of the centre, underground areas feature select openings that bring in additional light to the interiors.

The project was submitted in collaboration with Maratheftis Architects

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