Thriassio Field Complex


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Project Details

- Status: Complete

Head out from Athens along the Attiki Odos highway towards Elefsina, and the Freight Centre and Shorting Station of the Railway Agency of Greece could take the uninformed passerby by surprise. Created to fulfil the complex functional needs of distribution logistics, the design nevertheless brings a futuristic urbanism to the heart of an otherwise vacant site.

Covering an area of 760.000m², the the built area covers a total of 17.500m² above the ground level, and 3.350m² of underground areas.The needs of the site are fulfilled by three distinct parts: the control tower, a head office and the processing area, as well as two entrance gate. The synchronicity of the buildings creates an active spatial experience, reflecting the dynamics of the processing centre. 

From the highest level, the control tower offers panoramic views around the site, while the lower level is used as office space. The expressive, organic form of the control tower is created with semi opaque material, revealing the structural lattice element that lies underneath. The head office is enveloped by a central aluminium panel system and features wooden cladding. And the low-slung hangar features a gently arcing roof, serving as the central point for loading and unloading, with train tracks and lorries intersecting at the heart of the building


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