Hotel in Cyprus


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Project Details

Set back from the waterfront of Limassol in Cyprus, this hotel and serviced apartments presents as a monolith for modern times, and is strikingly distinguished from its surrounding environment.

The concept was inspired by the shape of a classical Cyprian Lyre, evoking ancient history and speaking to the cultural energy that the hotel would house. The expressive structure sees juxtaposed panels soar above the building’s roof. The gold facade is lit up from inside of the skin, and contrasts with the white exterior. The facade is also perforated, enabling guests and residents to have views throughout the building. 

At the top of the hotel is a penthouse which features double height ceilings and has views to the sea. A newly designed bridge was also suggested to help inhabitants cross from the hotel onto the beach. Inside, the lobby and the ground floor are made with a double height ceiling. Marble interiors feature throughout, evoking a luxurious experience for guests. And on the ground level there is also a bar.

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