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Project Details

Located in Aldeno in northern Italy, situated between the surrounding Dolomite mountains,  this binding factory is a bastion of print. Over an area of 300000sq.m, the building encompasses the entirety of the printing process.  

Created to support the everyday production functionalities of the factory, one of the key challenges for this project to resolve was to establish the utmost safety around heavy machinery. In order to do this, a colour expert mapped key areas across the floor and coded these spaces in order to clearly distinguish areas and functions across the factory floor from each other. Such segmentation proved beneficial for both the safety and efficiency of the workforce. Other interior details also include an elevator enclosed by indigo ceramic tiles and exposed aluminum piping. 

The rectangular building consists of a curved facade system, held by an exterior structural exoskeleton. Porthole windows protect the factory floor from overexposure to light through controlled entry points.

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