City of Argos


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Project Details

Restoring the history of a city for modern audiences and contemporary times was the central focus of this redesign of the city centre of Argos. With a vision to establish Argos’ centre as an attraction for tourists, as well as transforming the quality of life that the centre could offer for local residents, this project carefully identified opportunities for development and renewal, while staying true to the historic legacy of previous eras.

The central need was to reorganise the city centre in order to create specific focuses for each area, while offering a holistic vision throughout. The main church of the city provided a central point of focus, and the surrounding paths were pedestrianised to establish a quieter environment. Fountains and water features were also introduced to similarly create a calm oasis amidst urban life, while also creating a space for children to play in. There is an emphasis on greenery, with native plants and trees surrounding the perimeter of the centre and marking walkways. 

Throughout, there is also an emphasis on community and togetherness. Adjacent to the church is space for open air concerts, and there is also a dedicated playground area. The layout of the centre was reorganised to create greater room in front of historic buildings, while the Laiki area was redesigned to enable the market to flourish. This is executed through details such as marking out the space for each stall across the pavement to create a more orderly experience.

 Given the city’s rich archeological past, the shopping front area showcases Argos’ history, offering a cultural element for visitors to experience the past while exploring the present.

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