Archive Building


Project Details

Located on the outskirts of Athens, this archive building houses paper documents for the Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation. To serve the core need to protect papers from the potential corrosion of UV light, there are no windows or openings in the main body of the building. And away from the main processing area, thin rectangular windows ensure controlled light exposure. 

Papers enter through a protected entrance at the back of the building. After papers have been sanitised and processed in a dedicated processing area, they are safely stored in the extensive archives. The property also features offices, a reception area and research spaces. The intinternal atrium, which houses the research offices areas, is covered by a retractable roof which can be opened and closed as required. 

Two versions of the building are proposed. For each, the exterior is created from a honeycomb system: the green version is honeycomb panels with an external  aluminium layer combined with a corten underbelly; the white version is the same honeycomb and aluminum panels, supported by a wooden base. On both versions, solar panels power the everyday needs of the building and generate a sustainable preservation system

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