Peter&Paul’s Wellness Resort


  • Ongoing Project

Project Details

Located at the base of the Taygetos mountain in Lakonia, this luxurious wellness retreat is designed to completely immerse guests in the richness of their surroundings, and provide a spectacular escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Placing privacy at the heart of the approach, the resort brings the natural world into every aspect of the retreat experience. The compound consists of a series of secluded suites and villas which are nestled into the forest. Numbering 136 in total, each building is self-contained, with views of neighbouring villas obstructed by the surrounding trees and undergrowth. Of these, 100 feature private swimming pools. And another 36 rooms sit at the front of the retreat, with views directly out to the woods. Inside these suites, tactile sensory cues evoke the natural world, with key features including wooden floors, which are designed to be walked across barefoot. 

On the opposite side of the compound is the communal wellness area. Here, facilities including swimming pools, a fine dining restaurant and a 3500 capacity outdoor theatre immerse guests in the wellness experience. Open throughout the year, visitors can move between communal and private areas both via a system of pathways, and also through underground tunnels – which provide sheltered access to all the amenities for guests during the winter.

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