National Archeological Museum of Cyprus


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Project Details

Set in the capital of Nicossia, a new vision for the National Archeological Museum of Cyprus draws on the rich history of the island and surrounding region. Set across an area of 26.000m², the building was envisaged as a tribute to the seven distinct periods of Cypriot history. As such, seven distinct forms make up one overall whole in tribute to this rich historical legacy.

The built area occupies 26.000m², and this energetic, multi component exterior is rendered with a corten facade. While the edifice is distinct and future facing in its overall composition, the controlled rust of the surface of each part emphasises the historical legacy that the museum houses and celebrates. These earthy tones are balanced by a water feature that surrounds the museum. A stream also runs around the wider perimeter, inviting visitors to spend time in the natural contemporary environment as well as discovering treasures from the past.  

Visitors enter the museum through an intentionally under-lit “tunnel” of 20 meters, further advancing into the spacious and brightly lit lobby. The interior envelope remains unique yet at the neutral, ensuring the focus remains on the exhibits. Inside, interiors are open and undisturbed, allowing visitors to wander freely throughout the exhibits and enjoy a holistic experience of the museum’s curation. The interior environment is expertly controlled, with specific entry points for light to enter the museum, and a multi-leveled roof. The entrance to the museum is marked by striking use of a reflective composite panel. Alongside the exhibits, the building is also home to a restaurant, shops, offices, restoration areas and workshops.

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