Old GSP Area


  • Competition

Project Details

Transforming empty space into a community centre, this proposal for a contemporary town square in Nicosia establishes a serene environment for people in the city. Spanning 33800sqm, there is an emphasis on collective space, where people can meet and relax, and where kids can freely play.

Multiple components inform this spatial experience, where a focus on fluidity impacts each facet of the final design. These elements converge in the centre, where visitors are invited to observe and listen to the water feature. On one side of the square, a large, free flowing sinewy canopy created from composite aluminum panels houses retail and cafes across a single level, also offering protection from the sun and elements. The entrances to underground parking are signposted by two welcoming, long-armed shapes. 

Smaller details allow for anchoring moments. There is a play space for children, and projection screens are installed for outdoor film screenings throughout the summer months. Across the site, native species of trees also offer shade and calm in the heat.

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