Athens International Airport


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Project Details

- Status: Complete

This total renovation of the intra-schengen area transforms the passenger experience. Addressing the challenge of how to facilitate the flow of passengers throughout the airport, the design reimagined the check in process, bringing forward the security area to reduce stress and waiting times. In turn, this allows for more passenger relaxation and exploration throughout the shops, cafes and restaurants. 

Interiors embody a sense of momentum and journey. Striped ceilings contrast with configurations of ambient lighting features that reflect the movement of passengers throughout the interior. At security,  white triangular prisms form a multi-planed wall, with aluminum triangles embedded inside. Key entrances and exits are marked in Hellenic blue. 

Each element of the experience had to be considered and reimagined, while working within the confines of the strict regulatory requirements of airport design. Notably all renovations also had to take place while still allowing for the day to day functioning of the airport. As such, the delivery was phased, leaving space for passengers to travel with minimum disruption.

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