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Who We Are

Bobotis Architects was founded in 1976 by Theofanis Bobotis. Lukas Bobotis joined the partnership in 2005.

The office has been awarded in both Greek and International competitions and has had several projects published in numerous architectural magazines and books worldwide including Germany, Argentina , Australia, Italy, Japan, UK, Korea, China, Turkey and more.

Some of the projects have been included in:

  • The Australian publication “1000 architects of the world”
  • The German publication “1000 x EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURE”
  • The “300 architects of the world” published by Word Architecture, UK
  • The “300 largest offices of the world” published by Word Architecture, UK
  • The “581 Architects of the world” by the Japanese publication TOTO

Theofanis Bobotis has been awarded with the prize “Athina” of the Greek Federation of  Associations “Friend of Museums”, for his culture awareness through his contribution in the design of the new archaeological museums in both Patras, & Chania, Crete.

The office has a vast portfolio of projects in both private & public sector and has participated in many exhibitions and presentation in Greece and abroad.

Our Philosophy

…the rapid frequency and range of development nowadays, results in the continuous creation of data. The understanding of technological achievements and their application in accordance to human needs, constitutes the basis for enriching the quality of life. Architecture takes active part in this development, reflecting in each given time, the course of civilization. Today, like never before, new data creates a field that is constantly changing. In the face of this creative fluidity, architecture finds itself in sync with its constantly changing environment resulting from the progress of technology, which is a fundamental parameter for architectural concepts. We are therefore driven to design flexible buildings that can respond and support occurring needs, environmental conditions and human relations. Modern technology incorporated in the use of building and new materials available in construction, are vital elements in the modern architectural expression. An expression where the aesthetics of every element and the whole that they compose, is the result of crucial choices that renders it timeless.

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Turnkey Solutions

We will take care of your project from scratch to end, delivering a high end product ready for you to use.

Best Materials

Our continuous research of materials, will offer the best possible solutions for your project up to date.

ISO 9001 Certified

Our company is certified with the ISO standards, ensuring to our clients the quality process of our work


Our group offer services from complete building design to road infrastructures, ports & specialists technical services

Fast Construction

Collaborating with the best contractors, suitable for specific projects, we will deliver your quality project fast

3D Modeling

Our 3d Modeling design process, ensures high quality drawing production, minimizing errors during construction

Yacht Design

We don't limit our design on buildings. Want to sail the seven seas? Various models to choose from

Green Building Design

Our principle is to design green, delivering an energy efficient end product

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