Bobotis+Bobotis Architects is a private architectural practice, based in Athens, founded by Theofanis Bobotis and Lukas Bobotis, with a portfolio spanning both the public and private sectors, in Greece and abroad, ranging from residential to commercial to cultural projects.



We provide design and supervision services, with notable projects including the interior renovation of Athens International Airport , designing and working on the new terminal for Thessaloniki Airport , two completed archaeological museums in Patras and Crete and freight centres in Greece and Italy. In addition to airports, museums and commercial spaces, we also work on residential projects, office buildings, banks, sports facilities, shopping centres, retail chains, convention centres, urban planning, yacht design and more.



Our team is made up of experienced architects and designers all with proven success in various multi-disciplinary international projects.



We have won and been short-listed for a range of national and international architectural design competitions .



By its very nature, architecture is a field that is constantly evolving, as it is driven forward alongside rapidly developing technical progress. As such, we are continually motivated to design adaptable buildings that can respond to and support changing needs, environmental factors and human relations. Inspired by new materials and functionality, we incorporate the latest technology and most innovative materials available in construction to create a contemporary architectural expression as we design, create and bring to life the concepts we have conceived on paper. Each stage of the process requires critical questioning and aesthetic choices that combine to create an overall result that is both timeless and a reflection of its era .



No matter its size, we treat every project—from the smallest to the largest—with equal importance. Our clients’ satisfaction is invaluable to us and we pride ourselves on fulfilling their brief and requirements by delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions on budget and on time . We favour energy-efficient and sustainable design built in respect of the environment.



Cutting-edge equipment and tailored procedures for the design and supervision of projects enable us to organise and to coordinate the comprehensive range of disciplines involved in each brief. We are able to fully accompany each client in the decision making process, helping them to make the right choices from start to finish. Every project is a landmark building in our eyes—unique, individual and, most importantly, functional. We never replicate what already exists. Working in collaboration with specialized consultants at the forefront of their respective expertise, we guarantee high quality production throughout the process and for the final product.



The B+B headquarters are located in a privately owned five-storey building in Athens , including a two-level basement, and covering a total area of 1100m2. The building includes areas dedicated to specific disciplines and is equipped with the latest technology to enable us to carry out a comprehensive range of the firm’s activities on site and to provide a modern working environment for our team.